Here are the 20 Hilarious and Relateable Comics by “The Oatmeal” That will Bring Smile on your Face

“Matthew Inman” is a comic artist best known for his comics titled “The Oatmeal”. He makes hilarious comics for his fans which surely bring smile on his fan’s faces. Matthew has been creating comics for almost a decade and people on the internet love them. So far he has gained more than 3.8M million followers on Facebook and 1.1M followers on Instagram.

This webcomic series is created in 2009. The artist shows how different types of people react when looking at them, who is looking at whom, and what they are thinking about while looking at them. It turns out most of them struggle with their insecurities no matter how physical they are.

The artist has a great sense of humor. His comics are worth seeing. He also has his personal website where he regularly publishes his comics. Let’s take a look on his best comics. You can find more comics like this on his Instagram and Facebook page, which we mention in the next section.

Credit: The Oatmeal

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