Here are the 20 Dark and Awkward Comics by “Bathpoopoo Comics”

Everyone loves to enjoy comics. There are numerous kinds of comics, as every serious comic book reader is aware. And the reason for that is that each illustrator has their own style and thoughts to present. But the one standout aspect of comics is the dark humor. So, today we bring you a darkly humorous comic, but let’s get to know the artist first.

Meet Bathpoopoo, a Singaporean artist. Yes, you are correct in your assumption that this is not the man’s original name. His real name is thus kept a secret because the artist said he would never share it online. And that sounds strange, exactly like his oddly funny and darkly comedic artwork. Additionally, the artist loves quirkiness and kooky jokes. He is also well known for telling spooky stories.

Even though the creator is only 29 years old, his comics are excellent. He really enjoys quirkiness and unexpected humor. Each comic’s ending reveals a rich sense of comedy, which only makes you turn. On Instagram, Bathpoopoo currently has 17,100 followers and is expanding. You’ll be really impressed by his stories. There is a compilation of dark comics in the following section. You must scroll down the section if you are a lover of dark humor. Have a great day!

Credit: Bathpoopoo

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