Here are the 20 Colourful and Adorable illustrations by the “Return of Stiqz”

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Now a days everyone must take some time from thier busy lives in order to enjoy comics. We see many comics in oue everyday life. Some comics are dark, some are silly, some might be full of unexpected twists. But we see few artists which uses colorful scheme in thier comics. Because it is an art how to make comic look attractive by using colourful drawings.


Let us introduce you to the “Return of Stiqz” webcomic series that may just be what you need today. It is a webcomic series about cute comics by a brilliant artist. The artist wants to remain anonymous to his fans. Later on his comics are pretty good although they meet the requirements of good comics but he still has family of only 742 followers on his Instagram account.

The main purpose of the artist is to make his fans happy. The colourful combination in his drawings make his comics looks more attractive to his fans. If you want to enjoy and understand the whole scenario then take a look, check out some of these best comics. We guarantee you that your time will worth to watch it. Have enjoy!

Credit: Return of Stiqz

More info: Instagram


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image 749


image 750


image 747


image 751


image 752


image 753


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image 755


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image 757


image 758


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