Here are the 20 Adorable and Wholesome Comics by “Lazy Leaf Comics” That might Amuse you

In this difficult time when everyone is busy with their own lives, we should take some time away from our busy lives to try different ways to find our peace of mind. There are many ways we can try, ie; Reading, cooking, gardening or any healthy hobby. At the same time, there are some comic lovers who also enjoy adorable and wholesome comics.

Introducing an Indian artist, “Adarsh”, better known as “Lazy Leaf Comics”. He is the creative mind behind adorable, colourful, cute and wholesome comics. Although Adarsh ​​is a ​​graduate student in geology, he plans to leave science and pursue art after completing his degree. His illustrations aim to lift people’s spirits and make their days better. He says that the most difficult part for him is probably the sketching phase. A blank canvas can be intimidating. He has audience of 9,977 on his instagram account.

The artist mentioned that he enjoys the illustrations and the creation process so much that he wants to make a career out of it. Try to create comics and illustrations that will entertain people, bring them joy, and hopefully brighten their day a little. slightly better when they are going through a difficult time. His illustrations are not only beautifully drawn, but also very funny. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics. Have fun!

Credit: Lazy Leaf Comics

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