Here are 20 Hilarious Single-Panel Comics by Ruthe Cartoons

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A straightforward picture can become a clever punchline with the use of wordplay and puns. For those who enjoy language twists, double meaning jokes, unexpected puns, and playful language use, this adds another level of entertainment. The best single-panel comics leave you with a chuckle or a guffaw you didn’t see coming. I introduced this artist to you for that reason.


We’re here today to present you with yet another talented artist. German animator and cartoonist Ralph Ruthe is the creator of the Ruthe Cartoons. They are well-known for their peculiar comedy, which frequently takes a critical look at everyday happenings and animals. Currently, he has 68,000 Facebook followers, which is a sizable audience. The following section features some of his most famous comics.

Credit: Ruthe Cartoons

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#1. Have a fantastic weekend

image 1289

#2. Sale

image 1290

#3. Enjoy your day

image 1291

#4. Recommendation

image 1292

#5. Good Morning

image 1293

#6. Naturally

image 1294

Ruthe has received recognition for her cartoons’ uniqueness, charm, and wit. They have received multiple honors and been highlighted in newspapers, magazines, and internet publications. This artist captures the humor in a single, impactful scene with just one panel. There is only pure joke delivery. There is no explanation or build-up. This conciseness might make us laugh out loud since it takes us by surprise.

#7. Happy New Year

image 1295

#8. Resolution

image 1296

#9. Happy Weekend

image 1297

#10. French Fries

image 1298

#11. Easy

image 1299

#12. Research

image 1300

Despite their simplicity, his comics often demonstrate outstanding artistic skills. Through careful use of composition, character design, and expression, the artist must capture a lot of information and emotion in a single frame. With the help of his artistic talent, the comedy becomes a small masterpiece rather than just a joke. If you appreciate the blog, don’t forget to share and leave a comment.

#13. Job

image 1301

#14. Salesman

image 1302

#15. Traditional Dress

image 1303

#16. Waitress

image 1304

#17. My Son

image 1306

#18. Sorry

image 1305

#19. Talk

image 1307

#20. Hilarious

image 1308

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