Here are 20 beautifully crafted illustrations where wildlife meets humor


In the vast jungle of social media, amidst countless Instagram accounts vying for attention, there’s a unique corner that stands out for its fusion of art, wildlife, and education. Enter Zoodraws_comic, an Instagram account created by the talented artist Brian Ahearn, which has garnered a staggering 97,400 followers. But what sets this account apart from the rest?

Zoodraws_comic is more than just a collection of beautifully crafted illustrations; it’s an enthralling sanctuary where wildlife meets humor, education, and advocacy. Brian Ahearn’s brainchild aims not only to entertain but also to enlighten and raise awareness about the enchanting world of wildlife. The heart and soul of Zoodraws_comic lie in its unique content—wildly fun comics featuring various creatures from the animal kingdom. Brian’s artistic prowess shines through each illustration, depicting animals in amusing scenarios that captivate the audience’s attention. From a mischievous monkey trying to master the art of disguise to a wise owl sharing fascinating facts, every comic strip is a blend of creativity, humor, and educational tidbits.

Credit: Zoodraws_comic

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#1. Incredibly Happy


#2. Reproduce

#3. Money


#4. Let’s See

#5. That’s Long


However, the magic of Zoodraws_comic doesn’t stop at entertainment. Under the surface, these whimsical illustrations carry a vital message—a call for advocacy and education about wildlife conservation. Through his art, Brian subtly highlights conservation issues, shedding light on the importance of preserving and protecting these diverse species and their habitats.

#6. Vampire Bats

#7. Please


#8. Shepherds

#9. Squirrels


#10. Snails

What truly sets Zoodraws_comic apart is its ability to engage and educate audiences of all ages. By presenting complex environmental issues in a lighthearted and accessible manner, Brian makes learning about wildlife enjoyable and relatable. The account serves as a platform where people not only revel in the charm of art but also gain a deeper understanding of the significance of wildlife preservation.

#11. Cassowaries


#12. First Day

#13. Shrimp


#14. Flatworms

#15. Male Mice


#16. Painted

#17. Who’s texting?


#18. Learning

The success of Zoodraws_comic, with its growing followership, mirrors the widespread appreciation for Brian Ahearn’s unique approach to blending entertainment with education. The account has become a virtual community where wildlife enthusiasts, art aficionados, and advocates converge to appreciate the wonders of nature through a creative lens. So, the next time you scroll through your Instagram feed, take a moment to step into the enchanting realm of Zoodraws_comic. Join the journey of discovery, laughter, and advocacy, and let Brian Ahearn’s artistic marvels inspire you to appreciate and protect the wild wonders that share our planet.

#19. Grandpa


#20. Snails

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