Here are 20 Adorable Animal Comics Where Love Meets Laughter


Ever stumbled upon a world where worms fall in love with frogs, moths struggle with identity, and adventures unfold in cozy burrows? Enter the whimsical universe of Jacob, an independent comic creator and artist who weaves enchanting stories filled with LGBTQ+ characters.

Mx, a non-binary worm, swoons over Sñr Biscuits, a charming frog, as they share a snug burrow and embark on delightful escapades. But that’s just the beginning of this artist’s vibrant world! Wiggly, the flirtatious worm; Heidi, the mischief-making frog; and Mothboi, navigating his journey of self-discovery as a moth, all play integral roles in Floatyspacecat’s captivating narratives.

Credit: Floaty Space Cat

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#1. Bathroom


#2. Tara

#3. Weekend Holiday


#4. Tomorrow Evening

#5. Gap Year


What sets Floatyspacecat’s work apart? It’s a refreshing breeze blowing through the LGBTQ+ genre. Their comics are not just funny and heartwarming, but also a celebration of inclusivity and representation. The stories aren’t just about characters; they resonate with anyone who’s ever felt different or yearned for acceptance. And it doesn’t stop at comics! Floatyspacecat’s artistic prowess extends to illustrations, prints, and even mesmerizing animations. Each stroke of their brush or digital pen bursts with whimsy and color, mirroring the spirit of their comics.

#6. Munch

#7. Keep Clear


#8. Not me

#9. Respect the actors


Their Instagram following of over 41,500 is a testament to the resonance of their artistry. Floatyspacecat’s creations have not only captured hearts but also sparked conversations around the importance of diverse and relatable storytelling.

#10. Birthday

#11. Realization


#12. Correction

#13. Home Haul


#14. Back

In a world where art meets inclusivity, Floatyspacecat is a guiding star, lighting up the path for those who seek stories that embrace diversity, warmth, and the sheer joy of being different. So, dive into their enchanting world and let yourself be embraced by the laughter, love, and vibrancy of Floatyspacecat’s creations!

#15. Sweeties


#16. Sneaky

#17. Halloween Run


#18. The Uncles

#19. Butternut


#20. Match

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