20 Helpimbees Comics Shows Random Moments In a Hilarious Way

For nearly all of us, random moments occur in our daily lives. However, not everyone is able to draw them in an amusing way. There is one Instagram user who specializes in humorously capturing these kinds of moments. We would like to introduce you to a new collection of comics by an Instagram account named @helpimbees. He is an incredible artist on Instagram.


His comics are funny and entertaining, masterfully illustrating bizarre situations that could happen in our everyday lives. He is an expert at drawing the strange events of daily life. He combines everyday scenarios with a wonderful sense of humor. Because he only creates comics for a few months, his Instagram account does not currently have a large following. The section below features some of his best works.

Credit: Helpimbees

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#1. Look Good in Shorts


#2. Stress


#3. The Problem With Long swords

#4. Nice Steps


#5. Be Stand

#6. No Sweat


His comics are full of charming and lovely moments, considering the truth that they are sometimes based on strange scenarios. He believes that the primary motivation behind making these kinds of comics is that it’s the most interesting subject to do so. You may reach a wider audience by creating comics discussing these topics. But unfortunately, due to his inconsistency and busy schedule, he is not able to do so.

#7. Give It to Me Straight

#8. Whistles


#9. How’s it Going?

#10. Few Words


#11. Gains

#12. Something Cool


#13. Babies

#14. Don’t do Kids


#15. Kill him With Kindness

If you want to appreciate some of the best, you should definitely check out his comics, since sometimes a drawing can truly make your day. You should always check out his comics. If you have any unique questions about the comics or the artist, please use the comment section to ask them. If you like the blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends. So that they can also enjoy these comics to make their day better.

#16. The Wonders of Science


#17. Standards

#18. Pop Pop


#19. Burnt

#20. Remote


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