The artist tells a heartbreaking story about the damage caused by his 12 illustrations

Although we all know that nothing lasts forever and that we are all human beings, our behavior when we lose a loved one shows how little we really know about it. We forget our deaths and value everything, but when someone loves us he is gone forever, we usually can’t easily cope with it. However, dealing with loss and sudden loneliness is always devastating. An artist from Philadelphia has decided to create a series of beautiful drawings in which it is clear what happens when we suddenly lose something and cannot leave it.

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Tom Booth is also an artist, author, and art director whose creative ideas are widely recognized in the field of art. He used critically acclaimed titles such as “It’s Christmas”, “Day on the Beach”, and “Don’t scold!” ‘Written and enlightened. His recent project features earthy and sad drawings that bring us old and emotional feelings. This illustration tells us a heartbreaking sad story about a woodcutter who does not allow him to fall in love with anyone. The poor woodcutter keeps carving it in the wood to keep his memory alive till the end, he can hold it around his neck.






The artist gives us a good glimpse of a heartbreaking story that will be published soon. It’s a private story with a big story that Artist want to publish. I still don’t want to say in what form it will be published and I don’t want to reveal the whole story, so I just I would say it’s a story of loss and loneliness.






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