20 Happy Sad Doodles Beautifully Show the Daily Struggles of Girls


We’re here today to talk about an artist who creates quite decent comics about situations involving girls. The web comic Happy Sad Doodles was made by Indian creator Vidhi Shah. This well-liked Instagram comic series is well-known for its funny and realistic depictions of daily life, particularly as seen from the viewpoint of women. She often shared comics about girls’ lives on her Instagram account.

She has amassed 47,700 Instagram followers by creating entertaining content for her audience. Her comics often feature Vidhi herself as the main character, navigating the ups and downs of daily life with wit and charm. From the awkwardness of dating to the joys of friendship, her comics capture the complexities of relationships in a lighthearted way. If you are a girl, you can surely relate to her comics. For this, you have to explore the following section by keeping scrolling.

Credit: Happy Sad Doodles

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#1. Weekends


#2. Mood swings

#3. Face wash


#4. Sleep

#5. Outfit


#6. turtle Speed

She doesn’t shy away from depicting the struggles of self-care, but she also offers encouragement and humor to help readers embrace their imperfections. The main goal of portraying such situations is to show that many girls think they are alone in their struggles. But after watching these comics, their opinion will definitely change. And they will start thinking positively.

#7. Text from you


#8. Dress

#9. Night owl


#10. Haircut

#11. Circles


#12. Camera

#13. nothing to do


#14. So relatable

She mostly creates comics on body positivity and encourages readers to love and appreciate their bodies in all shapes and sizes. Her comics openly discuss periods and the challenges they can bring, normalizing the conversation. She also takes a humorous look at the world of social media, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects. If you like her comics and want to enjoy them more, then simply click here and here.

#15. Picture


#16. Eye liner

#17. Jeans


#18. Hair

#19. Bun


#20. Pony Tail

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