20 Guy Elnathan Comics Shows the Experiences of New Parents


Guy Elnathan is a popular webcomic artist known for his relatable and humorous comics about everyday life, often focusing on the experiences of young adults and new parents. His comics are widely shared online and have been translated into multiple languages. This series follows the adventures of Guy and his wife as they show the joys and challenges of parenthood.

The artist’s depiction of a couple’s everyday lives is charming and real. His comics are mostly focused on personal experiences, daily life, and relationships. The artist’s dedication has finally paid off, as shown by his 133,000 Instagram followers, and this number keeps rising. He stays with his wife and small son. The hidden, hilarious jokes in the comic will make you laugh aloud. Every time you see one of these comics, you’ll smile.

Credit: Guy Elnathan

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#1. Ready to go


#2. Blue Berries

#3. Playing with toys


#4. Cooking

#5. fridge


#6. Sorry

His comics capture a variety of realistic, sometimes highly humorous, everyday situations and, most significantly, capture the heart of what it’s like to be married and have a baby. The artist’s comics can show realistic, ordinary situations that can be ludicrously humorous at times. The colorful drawings deftly capture the unique characteristics and quirks of a loving couple.

#7. Work from home


#8. Walking up

#9. time to change


#10. finally asleep

#11. Time to sleep


#12. dressed

#13. voice message


#14. Embarrassing Stuff

In addition to his web comics, Guy Elnathan has also created animated shorts and illustrated children’s books. He is a talented artist with a unique voice, and his work is sure to bring a smile to your face. You will surely enjoy his comics and make your day better. Don’t forget to comment on and share this blog. For more such comics, feel free to click Here And Here.

#15. Of course not


#16. thread

#17. favorite word


#18. super cute

#19. bear


#20. random woman

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