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Comedy can be a way to shed light on the absurd aspects of society and human behavior. Comedians often use dark humor to point out the hypocrisy, irrationality, or absurdity of everyday life. This is a type of dark humor that arises in dire or tragic situations. For example, hospital workers might use dark humor to cope with the stresses of their job, making jokes about their experiences with illness.

Dark humor often involves finding humor in situations that are typically considered taboo, morbid, or uncomfortable. It frequently touches on topics like death, illness, tragedy, and suffering. When combined with the absurdity of everyday life, it can create a unique form of humor that helps people cope with difficult realities. That’s why we bring you another dark collection of comics.

Credit: Guggsi Comics

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#1. Cooking Soup

#2. Weird Wet Noises

#3. So Expensive

#4. Target Acquired

#5. Mixing Drinks

On Instagram, a small treasure trove of humor and creativity exists, known as Guggsi Comics. Created by the talented artist Jen, Guggsi Comics stands out in the world of online comic strips for its unique blend of absurdism and dark humor. With themes that delve into the intricacies of relationships, the comical chaos of work, and the perplexing nature of the human condition, Jen’s creations are as thought-provoking as they are amusing.

#6. Worst Day

#7. What?

#8. Note Book

#9. Enjoy your treats

#10. Power Prices

#11. Plant care

Jen’s cartoons are characterized by their simplicity and cartoony charm. The use of black and white lines accentuates the comic’s raw, unembellished nature, which allows the humor to shine through without distraction. The characters within these comics may be basic in design, but their expressions and actions carry the weight of the absurd world they inhabit.

A hallmark of Guggsi Comics is brevity. These comics are typically short and to the point, never wasting a single line or word. In this succinct format, Jen masterfully delivers a punchline that is often unexpected or laced with irony. This combination of concise storytelling and unexpected humor keeps readers engaged and coming back for more.

#12. What are you doing?

#13. Life with a dog

#14. Expectation vs Reality

#15. Checkout

#16. As a teen

Jen uses her online platform, primarily Instagram, to share her life experiences and insights in the form of comic strips. Her comics give a unique, often hilarious, perspective on everyday scenarios, be it the quirks of human behavior, the humor found in mundane routines, or the absurdity lurking beneath the surface of daily life.

It’s worth noting that despite not having a massive following on Instagram, Guggsi Comics has garnered a dedicated fanbase that recognizes the depth and wit in Jen’s work. The appeal of Guggsi Comics goes beyond mere numbers; it’s about the art of blending the bizarre and the ordinary, inviting us to laugh at life’s peculiarities.

#17. So much dirt

#18. Washing the dishes

#19. Baking with BF

#20. Home Remedy

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