Here is a beautiful long comic story by Goofy Gods Comics (32 Pics)

The majority of us think of gods as powerful and all-knowing, but the artist Byot Art and his friend choose to think of them differently. He sketches crazy situations in a comic series named Goofy Gods Comics since it’s so funny. Goofy Gods lightens the sometimes serious world of Greek and Roman gods by portraying them as lovable, even stupid, people going through everyday problems and humorous scenarios.

Hades struggling with online dating, Persephone’s pumpkin obsession, and Zeus’s attempts at social media fame are just a few of the hilarious scenarios you can expect. The comics are packed with clever jokes, puns, and unexpected twists that will leave you laughing out loud. He has 473,000 Instagram followers. We have compiled one of his best long comic stories in the next section. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Credit: Goofy Gods Comics

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The characters are endearing and humorous. God is usually depicted in these comics as a gloomy figure standing by a charming tri-headed dog. The stories have fascinating locations, believable people, and unexpected plot twists. The backgrounds are frequently full of amusing details that heighten the hilarity. The figures are drawn in a cartoony style that perfectly reflects their goofy appeal.

Goofy Gods Comics is available on a number of places, such as Facebook, Instagram, Webtoons, and their own website. Whether you choose to read comic strips or browse social media, this makes it simple to get a daily dose of divine humor. I hope this blog is liked by all of you. Please click these links if you’d like to enjoy more.

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