20 Goat to Self Comics Full of Unexpected Jokes and Clever Situations

Cameron Spires is the creator of the webcomic Goat To Self, which is mostly accessible on Instagram under the handle @Goattoself. Despite its name, the webcomic has never featured a goat. Goat to Self was created, written, and illustrated by Cameron Spires, who has been working on it for a number of years. With over 101,000 Instagram followers, the webcomic has amassed a sizable following on social media thanks to its relatable and humorous content.

His comics are ideal for a fast laugh or a daily dose of comedy because they are short and easy to read. There’s something for everyone in each strip thanks to its simplicity, which also allows for a wide range of themes and jokes. He always makes us laugh by hilariously reflecting our own ideas and emotions. Check out his most recent 20 illustrations in the section below if you need a little humorous relief in your day.

Credit: Goat To Self

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#1. King Crab

#2. Real Adult

#3. Santa

#4. Red Nose

#5. Enemies

#6. Shot

The comics make fun of everything while delivering astute and perceptive observations on contemporary life. His drawings are simple but effective, on a limited number of panels. They may convey a great deal of humor and emotion. His choice of vibrant colors adds to the overall lighthearted and enjoyable vibe of the comics. He has a knack for creating eye-catching designs, and he regularly uses bold text in his artwork.

#7. Different Virus

#8. Mistakes Happen

#9. Flash Mob

#10. Captain

#11. Served

#12. Real Shame

According to the artist, he draws comics for pleasure and in his spare time. The majority of the comics he creates have four panels. He works as a copywriter during the day and creates comics at night with the intention of making people laugh. Initially, he creates comics just for his pals; however, after gaining fame, he begins creating comics for his followers. Click here to view his previous entries on Boredcomics.

#13. Time Out

#14. Dark Roast

#15. Face Plant

#16. Bunch of Sheep

#17. Flip Out

#18. Apologies

#19. Wishes

#20. One Track Mind

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