A Look at the Brothers Behind the 20 Single-Panel Funny Comics Strips

In the wondrous world of humor, where laughter reigns supreme, there exists a dynamic duo of creativity and hilarity: Glenn and Gary McCoy. Picture this: two brothers, fueled by a shared love for storytelling and an uncanny ability to brew up laughter with their magical pens, crafting rib-tickling cartoons that spark joy in hearts worldwide.

These guys aren’t just your average comic connoisseurs; they’re like the superheroes of wit, armed with a vibrant palette of humor and a knack for spinning everyday moments into comedic gold. Whether it’s a single-panel gem or a sprawling comic strip, their art is like a magnetic force that draws smiles on faces faster than a cupcake disappears at a birthday party. You can also check some of their earlier posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

Credit: Glenn and Gary McCoy

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#1. Tattoo

#2. Roadkill Section

#3. Shoes

#4. Can’t afford a belt

What’s their secret sauce, you ask? It’s a dash of observational humor, a sprinkle of relatable characters, and a hefty serving of razor-sharp wit. They’re like modern-day alchemists, turning the mundane into comedic masterpieces. Think about it: the trials and tribulations of daily life, the quirks and nuances of human behavior, all distilled into these bite-sized nuggets of joy that leave you chuckling for hours.

#5. Married Life

#6. Thankful

#7. Growing Up

#8. Wearing

#9. Printer

But let’s talk about these single-panel wonders they create. Imagine a world where, in just one frame, they manage to capture the essence of an entire situation, serving it up with a punchline that hits the bullseye of funny bones every single time. It’s like a comedy missile targeted right at your sense of humor. Their comics are the kind that you can stick on your fridge, share with friends, or use as a pick-me-up on a rough day. They’re the unsung heroes of the mundane, turning the ordinary into extraordinary giggles, one panel at a time.

#10. Driving

#11. Super Glue

#12. Hilarious

#13. King

Glenn and Gary McCoy aren’t just cartoonists; they’re dream weavers, spinning tales that make you see the world through a joyfully warped lens. Their works aren’t just sketches; they’re laughter capsules, ready to cure any gloomy mood with a dose of hearty chuckles.

#14. Songs

#15. Security

#16. Table

#17. Grounded

#18. Water Wings

So, the next time you stumble upon one of their creations—a pithy single-panel comic or a cleverly crafted comic strip—take a moment to appreciate the sheer brilliance of these two brothers. They’re not just artists; they’re architects of mirth, leaving a trail of laughter wherever their pen touches paper. Cheers to the McCoy brothers, the maestros of merriment!

#19. Brains

#20. Apocalypses

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