20 Fruit Gone Bad Comics Based On Weird Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Fruit Gone Bad is a web comic series created by a New York cartoonist whose good name is John King. He is the artist who perfectly shows what it looks like if food and vegetables could talk. The primary characters are fruits, vegetables, and other food items. He illustrates comics on themes like the possibility for food to speak. His comics are famous for their dark humor and quirky food characters, who are frequently seen in strange situations.

His comics are usually one panel in length and humorously depend on puns and graphic jokes. The characters are often seen enjoying behaviors like drinking, gambling, and smoking that are strictly forbidden when it comes to eating. By doing this, The New York Cartoonist has gained a following of 88,000 Instagram followers, who find great fun and jokes in it. Check out the section that follows for a selection of his best comics.

Credit: Fruit Gone Bad

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#1. Crushed Tomato

#2. Responsibilities

#3. Inflated


#4. Hilarious

#5. Did not order

#6. Dating


He makes amazing things with everyday items like fruit and veggies. With a little imagination and creativity, even the most ordinary items can be turned into stunning works of art, as showed by his creations. In his comics, these characters are shown as having weird personalities and participating in amusing but sometimes offensive conversations.

#7. You are up

#8. Beet off

#9. Done the job


#10. Toasted

#11. Super Couch Potato

#12. Put me in jar


#13. Secret meeting

#14. Don’t want

His comics are often shared by other people on social media, but he has only an Instagram account where he updates his hilarious single-panel cartoons on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a laugh, be sure to check out his other comics. For this, you have to simply click  Here ,Here and Here. Be advised that some of the humor could be somewhat dark.

#15. New Sheets


#16. Hate you

#17. One in heels

#18. Dig it out


#19. Don’t leave

#20. Cold Ambition

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