From the Cartoonist “Miyu,” The 20 Wholesome and Delightful Comics are listed Below

If you’re feeling down and everything seems to be going wrong, a […]

If you’re feeling down and everything seems to be going wrong, a few amusing nibbles might help. Sometimes we only need to observe how other people act, how they deal with foolishness, and how they acknowledge human moments. The fact that many of us are unable to acknowledge such a dreadful element of ourselves makes the issue much more hilarious. Numerous hilarious comic works made on the Internet provide a way to mimic our strange and surprising blunders.

Meet “Miyu,” a cartoonist with a passionate passion for drawing. When she initially started drawing as a child, she had no idea that it would become her chosen profession. In the end, she understood that she was happiest when creating something, and that’s what illustration enabled her to accomplish. Her four-panel comic volumes primarily focus on her experiences juggling her identity, relationships, pop culture, and misperceptions of how people interact with one another.

Her Instagram account has 29,600 followers. Her illustrations are softly colored and eye-catchingly vibrant. She also has a knack for creating whimsical, amusing cartoons, which help a lot of people relate to them. Anyone who feels unwelcome and overworked can benefit from the much-needed humor provided by these charmingly adorable comics. Scroll down to explore her 20 most recent artworks.

Credit: Vimiyui

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