French Mother Doesn’t Censor What Motherhood Really Looks Like In Her 20 Comics

Nathalie Jomard is many things. She is a French author and illustrator with a master’s degree in digital communication and a second degree in political science, but above all, she is a mother. After having children, Nathalie began to illustrate her daily life as a mother and her funny cartoons are so accurate that they are adorable.

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#1 You’re Feeling Like A Balloon Constantly

#2 No One Could Prepare You For The First Time Wearing A Bikini After Giving Birth

My daughter is a nerd. A very, very smart, quiet, and somewhat clumsy girl. She is always reading a book and she is also a knucklehead like her mother. My son is also a nerd but in a different way than his sister. He’s also very active and turbulent. He can’t sit still. He’s always jumping and running and talks a lot. He really can’t stop talking. A real talker. He’s always making something up, drawing funny pictures, and talking about them for hours on end. Nathalie said that the two of them are also very curious about everything around them, which is a great inspiration for their parenting comics.

#3 The first time you breastfeed is unforgettable

“Since having children, my life has definitely changed for the better, although I am more tired than before. But with parenting, who doesn’t? They are, however, the best gifts that life can give you.” Now keep scrolling for more of Nathalie’s painfully relatable comics below!

#4 You Can’t Find Peace Even When Sitting On The Toilet

#5 our Breasts Are Always Sore

#6 When Books Don’t Work Anymore You Try To Find Your Own Methods

#7 Making Sure Your Child Is Protected From The Sun Is Very Important

#8 You’re Forced To Eat Broccoli Even If You Hate It, So You Set A Good Example For Your Kids

#9 Teaching Your Child To Communicate Will Take Some Time

#10 Nothing Fits Anymore

#11 Bikini-Waxing When Pregnant Becomes The Greatest Task

#12 Trying To Act All Put-Together When…

#13 Ahh Those Sweet Weekend Mornings When Your Child Wakes Up At 5 Am

#14 No One Can Prepare You For The Ways Your Kids Might Embarrass You

#15 The Crisis Might Be Waiting At Any Corner

#16 Intimacy Between You And Your Partner Becomes The Exception, Not The Rule

#17 They Don’t Care About Your Pain

#18 You Never Know What To Do When Your Child’s Pet Dies

#19 Breaking The News

#20 You Get Sick Way More Often

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