20 Silly Comics Depict Everyday Situations That Many People Can Relate To

Silly comics, with their lighthearted and playful nature, have a special knack for capturing everyday situations that resonate with a broad audience. These delightful strips bring a smile to readers’ faces as they humorously depict the quirks and absurdities of daily life. By highlighting the universal aspects of human interactions, relationships, and the joys and struggles of modern living, silly comics become a source of shared laughter and a reminder that it’s okay to find humor in life’s little moments.

Fazry Maulana is an Indonesian artist who creates comic strips that are relatable and humorous. His comics are mostly about funny and silly things that happen around him, such as dealing with taxes, social media, and body image. He also draws comics about mundane and unexpected scenarios from our daily lives. He shares stories about family, relationships, and daily life. Through his artful storytelling and comedic flair, Fazry captures the essence of shared human experiences, uniting 6,700 readers through laughter and joy.

Fazry’s artistry shines in the simplicity of his illustrations, showcasing his talent for expressing emotions and humor through delightful characters and expressive facial expressions. His comics serve as a source of escapism, transporting readers to a world where laughter and joy prevail. By poking fun at our foibles and celebrating the beauty of imperfection, Fazry reminds us to take life a little less seriously and to enjoy the silly moments that make us who we are. Fazry Maulana’s comics are a great way to get a laugh and relate to the everyday challenges of life. If you’re looking for some funny and relatable comics, I recommend checking out his work.

Credit: Fazry Maulana Comics

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#1. Do you get scared easily?

#2. Siblings fight

#3. Allergic reaction

#4. Sweat heart

#5. Monster under my bed

#6. Tooth brushing

#7. Mom vs Grandma

#8. Rice cooker

#9. Where is it?

#10. Every time

#11. Nastar

#12. Cheated

#13. Bathroom

#14. Haha react

#15. Last will

#16. Well balanced life

#17. The test

#18. The love

#19. Pack of air

#20. Incredible strength

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