20 Fashionably Late Comics Based on Weird Twists Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

You can find a lot of amazing artists on social media, each with their own unique style and viewpoint. Among them is the website that we will talk about today, Fashionably Late Comics. He is a self-taught artist and writer from Poland, but he does not reveal his name. His comics typically depict everyday events that resonate with a large audience.


He is a 35-year-old artist. He is from California. The artist draws inspiration from real-life individuals and events. He creates amusing comics that are sure to make anyone’s day better. Since going online for the first time in 2022, he has worked hard to make his comics well-known in the world of social media. We have collected some of his best comics for you today. If you want to enjoy them, feel free to explore the next section.

Credit: Fashionably Late Comics

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#1. Bloody Hell


#2. Some Fine booty


#3. Wet

#4. Intelligence service


#5. Chirp

#6. Beautiful Rainbow


When he was younger, he would often draw in notebooks and other things. Back then, he even made a couple of little comics. A few years ago, the artist began reading other people’s comics online and thought it would be interesting to try his hand at it. He began writing down thoughts that he thought were funny. That’s how this comic strip got its start.

#7. The Voyeur

#8. Just drink it


#9. Rest in peace

#10. Making wrong turn


#11. Push it

#12. This Vacuum sucks


#13. Cursed Piece

#14. For the clout


#15. Hairy situation

Occasionally, he also offers facts about his creative process and sources of inspiration. He claims that when he’s relaxing or hanging out with friends, most of his ideas come to him. Fashionably Late Comics is absolutely worth watching out for if you like the ridiculous, love surprising turns, and don’t mind laughing at the less hopeful aspects of life.

#16. Good


#17. Ride

#18. Demand


#19. The least liked person

#20. Pound it


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