Here are 20 Comics about Relatable Situations by Cartoonist Eric Salinas

Eric Salinas is a rising star in the world of Instagram comics, captivating audiences with his witty observations and whimsical illustrations. She is better known for her Instagram account, Ericcartoonist, where she currently has an audience of 1,597 followers and features a delightful blend of humor, pop culture references, and relatable everyday situations.

Although she doesn’t appear to have many followers on Instagram, her comics are visually appealing. Eric’s illustrations are instantly recognizable. Her use of strong lines, vivid colors, and highlighted characteristics results in a unique visual language that shows his comedy to perfection. The following section contains a collection of her best comics. Go to the area below if you would like to enjoy them.

Credit: Eric Salinas

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#1. Pronouns

#2. Expressions

#3. Call Him

#4. Comb

#5. Why not?

#6. Come here

She usually creates four-panel comics. Her comics are always colorful and eye-catching. From the struggles of commuting to the awkwardness of social interactions, Eric finds humor in the most relatable situations. Her comics offer a laugh-out-loud commentary on the absurdities of everyday life. Her comics never fail to amuse her audience.

#7. Vegetarian

#8. Searching

#9. Stranger

#10. Don’t understand

#11. That Accent

#12. Lunch

#13. Annoying Guy

When we ask how ideas come into her mind, she says she mostly gets ideas from her everyday life and then transforms them into her relatable comics. Overall, she is a talented artist, and her comics are worth watching. Hopefully, you people like her comics. If you like the blog, don’t forget to leave a comment and share the blog. Have a great day.

#14. Gas Station

#15. Fist

#16. Hamper

#17. Absolutely

#18. Bathroom

#19. Darkest Secret

#20. Public Wearing

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