20 Enzo Comics Shows Weird and Silly Moments Happen in a Relationship

Enzo Comics is an Instagram account that is famous for creating comics based on relatable situations in everyday life, particularly regarding dating and relationships. The creative mind behind this comic series is Enzo. He is known for making funny comics that have tragic and unexpected endings. He is famous for capturing weird and silly moments that happen in relationships.

And with the best comics over the last four years, Enzo is finally the best web comic right now. The artist currently has 110,000 Instagram followers. He typically uses jokes to describe little moments from ordinary life. He has made it so simple that everyone can grasp it and understand what is depicted in the comics. Let’s look at some of his most incredible illustrations. We promise that these comics will make you laugh a lot.

Credit: Enzo Comics

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#1. Don’t kiss me

#2. Getting Fat

#3. Wearing it


#4. Mama

#5. Foodie

#6. Reached the age


Enzo is the main character, who appears as an ordinary teenager. He deals with all the pleasures and difficulties that come with that stage of life. The classic concepts of growing up, friendship, and love are at the core of the web comic. Fans can relate to the characters on a personal level because Enzo Comics skillfully integrates these concepts into the story.

#7. Bathroom

#8. Bad Day

#9. Weird


#10. Savings

#11. Stronger

#12. What’s wrong?


#13. Comedy Routine

#14. baby Need Drops

Humor is the main theme of Enzo Comics, with a focus on events and frustrations that are related to everyday life, dating, and relationships. He occasionally does comics on drugs and web design as well. Young adults likely respond to his comics because of their realistic topics. If you would like to read his previous posts on our website, click here.

#15. Biceps


#16. Group Projects

#17. Honey

#18. Horny


#19. Something else

#20. good job

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