Female Artist Eirinnske Shows The Struggles Which She Faced As A Girl in 20 Comics

For a long time, comics were dominated by male creators and characters. But in the modern world of comics, female artists lead from the front now. Female artists are using comics to show a different perspective, show what it is like to grow up, and show the world as a girl. This kind of representation can be empowering for both creators and readers. So, without waiting any further, let’s discuss the artist who is the main topic of this article.

Allow me to present a Norwegian artist who started using Instagram in 2014. She goes by the name Eirinnske Comics. Her original name is Eirinn Skrede. Since she was young, Eirinnske has had a deep love for drawing, and most of her comics are motivated by her personal goals or experiences. Her Instagram account is followed by over 20,400 users. Her comics are well known for her sense of humor, bizarre behavior, and accurate portrayals of everyday life.

Credit: Eirinnske Comics

For more information, you can visit her social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook. You can also feed your eyes by looking at her earlier posts on Bored Comics by visiting here. Now, grab a cup of coffee and feel free to explore the following gallery.

#1. Shampoo For Men

#2. Love You Dress

#3. Clean the entire apartment


#4. Party Time

She started posting her creations on the internet platform as a means of connecting with other artists and challenging her own creative limitations. But her unique approach and approachable subjects soon attracted a wider audience, and her popularity grew. Basically, she starts making comics because she wants to earn money through them. She is able to do so because she works hard.

#5. High Five

#6. Baby Sitting


#7. Cooking Skills

#8. Hair Cutting

#9. Pokémon


#10. Mascara Hack

She drew pictures of her classmates and people she liked when she was in high school. After that, she had a long break from drawing comics. She has a devoted fan base of people who relate to her paintings and value her ability to deal with serious topics with comedy and empathy. By sharing her own stories, she creates a space for conversation and understanding about the challenges and joys of being a girl.

#11. Staring

#12. Going to settle Down


#13. Dressing Room Nightmare

#14. Frog in your throat

Basically, she shows how her relatable struggles, anxieties, and triumphs can be powerful validation for young women. When people see her experiences reflected in a comic, it lets them know they are not alone. Hopefully, you can relate to her comics. Also, comment about your thoughts in the comment section. We know you are having an amazing day.

#15. Deepest Desire


#16. Performance Check

#17. Devil’s Advocate

#18. It’s not a phase


#19. GYM Rat

#20. Anxiety vs reality

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