20 Ridiculous Comics about Everyday Life That Can Surely Relate to Everyone

In the vast digital landscape of Instagram, where artistic ingenuity thrives, one account stands out for its quirky, relatable, and downright hilarious portrayal of everyday life: eattherich_comic. With a whopping 23,000 followers and counting, this account has carved a unique niche in the world of comics by capturing the absurdity and charm of mundane moments that resonate universally.

A scroll through the feed of eattherich_comic is akin to flipping through a visual anthology of life’s peculiarities. From the comically relatable encounters at grocery stores to the absurdity of daily office banter, each frame encapsulates a slice of life that feels simultaneously familiar and delightfully ridiculous. The vibrant strokes of creativity on display in each comic strip beckon the audience to embrace the chaos and absurdity woven into the fabric of their lives. What sets these comics apart is their uncanny ability to extract humor from the most commonplace scenarios, transforming the mundane into moments of pure joy.

Credit: eattherich_comic

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#1. Spoiled

#2. Pay More

#3. Send Me Nudes

#4. Turn water into wine

#5. Relatable

Ever wondered how such whimsical and relatable comics are conceived? For the creative genius behind eattherich_comic, inspiration strikes in the most unexpected moments. The artist, who prefers to remain enigmatic, often finds ideas in the seemingly mundane routines of daily life. A chance encounter at a coffee shop, an overheard snippet of conversation, or a peculiar gesture on the street—these snippets serve as the building blocks for the fantastical worlds depicted in the comics.

The creative process is a concoction of observation, imagination, and a sprinkle of absurdity. Ideas germinate from the fertile soil of the artist’s experiences and observations, blossoming into vibrant illustrations that encapsulate the essence of shared human experiences.

#6. Union

#7. Wanted

#8. Teamwork

#9. Down Again

What drives an artist to spin everyday occurrences into whimsical tales? For eattherich_comic, the motivation lies in fostering a sense of connection. The creator’s innate desire to bridge the gap between individuals by illuminating the threads that bind us all together fuels the creation of these comics.

#10. Negatively Effect

#11. Disagree

#12. Stop being political

#13. Strategies

#14. Bark

#15. Talk to him

The joy of seeing others chuckle at a comic strip depicting a situation they’ve encountered or sharing a collective “aha” moment when confronted with a relatable scenario is the ultimate reward. The motivation extends beyond personal gratification; it’s about weaving a tapestry of shared experiences that unite people across boundaries.

#16. Free

#17. Three Wishes

#18. Art

#19. Netflix

#20. Riots

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