Here are 20 Relatable Comics About Girls Experiences Drawn by Juliet

We’re back with more comics from a creative who interacts with her audience through relevant themes. Let me present to you another artist who goes by the username Drawn by Juliet on her Instagram account. She is an artist living in Japan. At this point, the artist has over 2,075 followers. Her comics, which explore young girls’ daily lives, are funny and attractive. Her bio states that she enjoys creating humorous comics and taking part in fantasy and adventure.


She sees her art as expressively simple, expressing the joy of everyday life. When she has time to spare, she enjoys reading books. She also enjoys gardening and drawing in her spare time. Her comics have a lighthearted aspect and are centered on issues that could be relevant to young ladies. Her own experiences, as well as the experiences of the local women, sometimes become the inspiration for her artwork. Examining her top 20 comics will help you understand what type of content she makes.

Credit: Drawn by Juliet

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#1. Building


#2. Busy One


#3. Eating Chocolate

#4. On Vacation


#5. What a time to be alive

#6. Heat wave


Although she does not reveal her studies or any personal information, she loves to create creative paintings that show her everyday relatable experiences as a girl. She said that creating comics was a lot of fun. It’s a very flexible medium for communication. She likes creating comics that will make other people laugh just as much as she wants to laugh. 

#7. Quest Lines

#8. Nap


#9. Apartment

#10. Chips


#11. Prison

#12. Beer


#13. online therapy

In her comics, she represents herself as the primary female character, with her being at the heart of every scenario. Her comics expertly capture the highs and lows of this journey, showing characters struggling with self-doubt, pursuing their passions, and eventually coming to terms with who they are. She skillfully incorporates comedy and smart speech into her comics to produce moments that make readers laugh and feel like they belong.

#14. Loneliness


#15. Joke

#16. Furniture


#17. Save me from myself

#18. Sleep


#19. Never mind

#20. Childhood


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