This Cartoonist Makes Hilarious Comics to Show the Everyday Lives of Super Heros (20 Comics)

Dragonartebr.official is the Instagram account of Lucas Brau, a Brazilian comic artist and illustrator. He has over 216,000 followers on Instagram, and his work has been featured in a variety of publications. Lucas Brau’s work is known for its humor, creativity, and attention to detail. He often uses his art to comment on current events or explore different aspects of human nature. His work has been praised by critics and fans alike for its originality and its ability to make people laugh.


The artist specializes in producing entertaining and frequently hilarious images that depict the mundane aspects of heroic life. On their website,, where a selection of comic strips and other artwork is available, the artist also showcases their creative output. Dragonarte’s comics are renowned for speaking a million words and frequently being humorous. His primary goal in producing comics on these subjects is to make his followers happy.

In addition to his work as a comic artist, Lucas Brau is also a successful illustrator. He has worked on a variety of projects, including book covers, album art, and advertising campaigns. His work is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold lines, and dynamic compositions. Lucas Brau is a talented artist who is making a name for himself in the world of comics and illustration. His work is sure to continue to entertain and inspire people for years to come. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy a new collection of comics, then take a cup of coffee and scroll down to the section below. Have a great day!

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Credit: Dragonartebr.official

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#1. Best Ninja Ever!


#2. Doubt


#3. The restaurant

#4. Cabrum!


#5. Night work

#6. Waking up in panic


#7. Alien

#8. To infinity and beyond


#9. When Gotham has no crime

#10. Dragon island


#11. In one ear and out the other

#12. Beautiful face


#13. Spider phone

#14. Perfect aim


#15. Just keep swimming

#16. Iron egg


#17. Batman vs superman

#18. Crying in the rain


#19. Bricks of fury

#20. “Bat”hroom


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