20 Doodle Cuddles Comics Perfectly Sum Up a Couple’s Life


Doodle_Cuddles is the Instagram account of an artist whose name is not publicly known. He creates heartwarming comics about the everyday lives of a couple, often depicting their silly moments, tender expressions of love, and the small joys of companionship. He mostly shows his experiences with her partner in an adorable and relatable way. His comics are mostly based on relatable themes, such as the joys and challenges of love.

He does not reveal his name because he chooses to remain anonymous for his audience. He mostly shares his comics on his Instagram account. While he does not have a large online presence, his work has found a dedicated audience of 17,400 followers on his Instagram account that appreciates the relatable and sweet portrayal of love. You can check out his best collection of comics in the following section.

Credit: Doodle Cuddles

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#1. Calling


#2. Baby

#3. Dream


#4. Do not disturb


#5. Love

#6. So Cute


The comics by Doodle Cuddles are famous for their ability to portray relatable relationship scenarios in a balanced and polite manner. With a hint of innocence and warmth, the artist masterfully captures the everyday moments that couples go through. His comics remind us of the little things that make love special and offer a refreshing break from the negativity often found in popular media.

#7. Chubby Girl

#8. Save water


#9. let’s make love

#10. See her face


#11. Charging

#12. Short Girl


#13. Gift

#14. Mood


#15. Work Time

#16. Dreams


His charming and decent comics about relationship-related scenarios provide a much-needed break from the daily routine. Its uplifting and inclusive experience is created for readers through its colorful characters, useful content, and positive messaging. His charming drawings serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate the little things in life and to believe in the life-changing effects of empathy, affection, and understanding. By clicking this link, you may also read some of his previous posts on our website.

#17. Little Things

#18. Rain


#19. How much?


#20. Halloween Costume

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