20 Dogs on the 4th Comics Features Dark Jokes and Hilarious Situations

Dogs on the 4th is an Instagram comic artist with over 54,000 followers. The artist, who goes by the name Elliott Fairweather, creates comics that are often humorous and sometimes dark. He explores the world through the lens of dark humor and often touches on taboo subjects. His artwork is deceptively simple, with bold lines and expressive characters.

He is a brilliant artist who has developed a unique and well-liked comic style. His comic strips are known for taking unexpected turns. They often start in a seemingly innocent way, but they quickly take a dark turn. This is what adds to the comics’ humor and appeal. His dark, humorous, and captivating comics have built up a sizable fan base. Scroll down to enjoy some of his best comics that we’ve compiled here.

Credit: Dogs On The 4th

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#1. Gaming

#2. Magic

#3. Funny

#4. Paper Towels

#5. Adventures

#6. The Confession

He showed a strong interest in painting from an early age, coloring and sketching for hours at a time. He went to art school, where he improved his abilities and created a distinct style that made him stand out from the crowd. After graduating, he worked as a freelance illustrator for a number of magazines before deciding to focus on his web comic series.

#7. Comfort Zone

#8. Heads Up

#9. Seems to be in Order

#10. Heaven Help Me

#11. Choices

#12. Work Sucks

#13. Don’t Push Me

#14. Forgetting Your Place

He has said that his personal experiences with loss and sadness served as inspiration for the series. Through his comics, he explores life’s darker sides in a way that is both thought-provoking and healing. His work has received great feedback from many people who appreciate his compassion and truthfulness. Please share this blog with others if you enjoy his comics. Click this link to experience more enjoyment.

#15. The interview

#16. Winners and Losers

#17. The Dark Side

#18. Just for Men

#19. The Warning

#20. Unwrapped

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