Here are 20 Dark Comics Full of Clever Jokes and Clever Punchlines by Dogs on the 4th


Elliott Fairweather, an Instagram artist, has stirred a storm in the world of comics with his series “Dogs on the 4th.” His comics diverge from the norm, weaving unexpected plots and twists that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. In this exploration, we delve into Fairweather’s life, his creative journey, and the impact he’s made on the comic landscape.

Fairweather’s passion for art sprouted at a tender age, spending endless hours sketching and painting. His pursuit led him to art school, where he honed his craft, crafting a distinct style that set him apart. Post-graduation, he ventured into freelance illustration for various magazines, but his heart yearned for something more: a platform for his unique narratives.

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#1. Consider it Done


#2. Throwing Shade

#3. Priorities


#4. Let it go

#5. Always Watching


Enter “Dogs on the 4th,” a webcomic that delves into the human psyche, dissecting themes of mortality, solitude, and betrayal. The series, visually striking with its adept use of color and composition, creates an eerie ambiance, ensnaring spectators and leaving them craving for more. Fairweather reveals that his personal experiences with loss and grief sparked the genesis of this series. Through his art, he fearlessly navigates the darker facets of life, offering a profound and cathartic portrayal. His work resonates deeply with many and is lauded for its honesty and emotional depth.

#6. Unpleasant Surprise

#7. Mixed Messages


#8. Worse Than His Bite

#9. Keeping Focused


#10. Ready to Go

Post-graduation, Fairweather ventured into the realm of freelance illustration, contributing to various magazines. However, it was the call of storytelling through art that lured him into creating his webcomic series. “Dogs on the 4th” stands out for its graphic nature, delving into themes of mortality, solitude, and betrayal. His adept use of color and composition elevates the series, creating an eerie atmosphere that enthralls readers.

#11. A Lot on His Plate


#12. Sounds Easier

#13. Ulterior Motives


#14. Turn Undead

#15. Pet Shop


#16. Fin

Elliott Fairweather’s “Dogs on the 4th” serves as a testament to the power of art in exploring the depths of human emotions and experiences. Through his gripping storytelling and evocative visuals, Fairweather continues to carve a niche for himself, captivating audiences with each installment of his captivating webcomic series.

#17. Three Wishes


#18. Better than Nothing?

#19. Cloudy Skies


#20. On Second Thought

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