An Artist Unleashes 20 Side-Splitting Comics Packed with Surprising Twists

Elliott Fairweather, the American artist behind “Dogs on the 4th,” has a knack for taking the random and bizarre and crafting it into a delightfully humorous and colorful world. What sets Fairweather apart is his ability to delve into secret and sometimes inappropriate ideas – the ones that tend to make us blush a bit – and turn them into unique, unconventional, and, at times, edgy comics.


The heart of “Dogs on the 4th” lies in its ability to find humor in the weird and the simple, presenting it through satirical and darkly colorful narratives. The unexpected twists that thread through these peculiar stories make for an incredibly entertaining and intriguing brand of humor. While the humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has found a dedicated following of 44.4k people who appreciate the unique flavor of dark comedy.

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For those who seek even more of Fairweather’s offbeat creations, his Patriot page offers exclusive content, providing a deeper dive into his distinctive brand of humor. He describes his mission as “creating a web comic for the coffee-scorched masses,” a nod to the millions who start their mornings with a cup of coffee, bracing themselves for the daily grind we all love to hate. “I’m a very dirty drinker,” Fairweather admits, acknowledging his knack for embracing the unconventional.








Artist have received great feedback, and it really encourages me to keep going. Artist try his best to engage with my readers, and honestly, they’re the best part of it. Making weird stuff attracts we weird people, and as a result I’ve met a lot of great and interesting people!

In addition to making people a little happier, comic drawing is a great form of self-therapy.

comic is an invaluable store for me and it helps me overcome the frustrations of a more organized, mediocre life. I am a right-minded boy who lives in a left-handed world.










In a world where humor can take many forms, “Dogs on the 4th” stands as a testament to the power of embracing the strange, the dark, and the quirky. Fairweather’s comics are a refreshing reminder that sometimes it’s the unexpected and the edgy that can brighten our days, offering a unique perspective on the everyday. Whether you’re a fan of dark comedy or simply appreciate the art of pushing boundaries, “Dogs on the 4th” is a delightful journey into the wonderfully weird and colorful world of Elliott Fairweather’s imagination.












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