Artist Create 20 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists By dogs on the 4th

Artist Create 20 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists By dogs on the 4th

Dogs ON THE 4TH is the creative outlook for the random and bizarre ideas of American artist Elliott Fairweather, which is wrapped in a very humorous way in a dark and colorful way. The artist takes secret and sometimes inappropriate ideas which often embarrass us a bit and throw them into the world, and the result is not safe for the work. The ability to entertain in weird and simple things, satires, and unexpected twists that follow these little weird stories make humor very interesting and entertaining.

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Although black darkness is not for everyone, dogs on the 4th is followed by 44.4k people who can appreciate a black joke. On his Patriot page, where Fairweather presents additional and exclusive content, the artist says he is “creating a web comic for the coffee-scorched masses Helps to brighten up a bit.

Coffee is a reference to the millions of people who wake up in the morning, drink their coffee this morning, and go out as usual that we don’t love. Also, I’m a very dirty drinker. I’m out of touch, the artist said.






Artist have received great feedback, and it really encourages me to keep going. Artist try his best to engage with my readers, and honestly, they’re the best part of it. Making weird stuff attracts we weird people, and as a result I’ve met a lot of great and interesting people!

In addition to making people a little happier, comic drawing is a great form of self-therapy.

comic is an invaluable store for me and it helps me overcome the frustrations of a more organized, mediocre life. I am a right-minded boy who lives in a left-handed world.















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