Here are 20 Wholesome Comics Full of puns by Deogie Comics


In the webcomic Deogie Comics, a very cute golden labrador named Deogie and a cat named Uncle have a close friendship. He makes an effort every day, and the comic book series accurately portrayed that. The cartoonist has created a few comics about Deogie’s daily activities, his relationships with his uncle and other animals, and other scenarios that will make you laugh out loud. He currently has an audience of 116,000 fans on his Instagram account.

Zach’s journey as an artist started in 2016, when he first started posting his comics on Instagram. At the time, he was a student studying graphic design. However, he quickly realized that his true passion was creating comics. He started experimenting with different styles and concepts and eventually landed on what we now know as “Deogie Comics.” The name “Deogie” comes from a combination of two words, “dog” and “ogie.” According to Zach, it’s a reference to his own dog, a black Labrador named Ogie, who inspired many of the comics he created.

What makes Zach’s story even more inspiring is the fact that he never gave up on his dream of being an artist, even when it seemed impractical or unattainable. Through his hard work and dedication, he has created a space for himself in the art world and touched the lives of countless people with his comics. As Zach continues to create and share his work with the world, it’s clear that he has found his calling as an artist and storyteller. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations. 

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Credit: Deogie Comics

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#1. Tell me why?


#2. All of it

#3. Hard week


#4. Home sweet home

#5. Keepers of the forest


#6. Deogie is grumpy

#7. A tail of poor memory


#8. Cruel injustice

#9. Into the void


#10. Great day

#11. Nothing


#12. I know a way

#13. Going on a walk


#14. Mr. Meowsers revenge

#15. New adventures


#16. It’s what’s inside that counts

#17. Too cozy


#18. Is that a new friend?

#19. Just hang on


#20. Just over the fence

#21. How’s it going


#22. Did you hear that?

#23. Nemesis


#24. The boy who cried woof

#25. Looking good


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