20 Deadth Chan Comics Based on Grim Reaper and Life After Death

Deadth Chan is a web comic series about a young grim reaper in training named Deadth. The series is a comedy with a dash of dark humor, and it follows Deadth as he tries to navigate his new job and life in London. He goes by the same username on Instagram, where he posts dark and humorous comics about life after death and dark situations. By doing so, he is able to amass an audience of 13,300 followers on his Instagram account.


The artist chose to be anonymous for his audience. That’s why he does not even reveal his name. He also creates other comics besides Deadth the Lil Reaper, which can be found on his Instagram account. His comics are often shorter and more experimental than those of Deadth the Lil Reaper, but they still share the same dark humor and unique art style. You can check out his best comics in the following section. 

Credit: Deadth Chan

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#1. Time has come


#2. So soft


#3. social anxiety

#4. Hilarious


#5. Cannibal

#6. hang out


He usually posts comics about a variety of topics, including death, relationships, and mental health. Although it is a lesser-known web comic or comic artist, once you see his comics, you will become a fan of him. The reason behind lesser-known is that an artist has made comics for only some time, then stops making comics due to some personal reasons.

#7. loyal

#8. stop playing


#9. serial killer

#10. Class mate


#11. that tickles

#12. Something unexpected


#13. Take a seat

#14. which color?


#15. trick or treat

He enjoys creating suspense for her audience by using plots, which often take unexpected turns. In a moment, you can find yourself smiling at a skeleton and, the next, an angry Grim Reaper. It’s definitely worth checking out the lighthearted and interesting take on death that his comics provide. You can find yourself laughing so hard you forget you’re dead, so be careful.

#16. Death at a metal gig


#17. time’s up

#18. Supernatural cooking problems


#19. shopping

#20. Deadly sins


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