An Artist Dave Contra Never Failed to Amuse His Audience With Absurd Themes (20 Comics)

Tickling our funny bone is an idiomatic expression that refers to making us laugh or finding something humorous. It’s a way of describing what amuses or entertains us, often in a lighthearted or comical manner. When something tickles your funny bone, it means it makes you laugh or brings joy. Absurd themes in humor are a specific type of comedy that plays with irrational, illogical, and nonsensical elements to amuse and entertain us.


These themes challenge our expectations and provoke laughter by presenting scenarios that are so far-fetched, bizarre, or irrational that they elicit an immediate emotional response. Absurd humor thrives on the unexpected, relying on the element of surprise and the sheer ridiculousness of the situations presented. It forces us to momentarily suspend our grasp on reality, offering a delightful escape into a world where the normal rules of logic are bent, and the boundaries of the ordinary are pushed to the extreme.

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Credit: Dave contra

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#1. Black Pit

#2. Stalk


#3. King of pizza

#4. Virtue


#5. Salmon

Dave Contra is an artist who is known for his existential, funny, and absurd comics. His comics often feature existential themes such as the meaning of life, death, and the universe. However, he also does comics about more mundane topics such as relationships, work, and everyday life. Dave Contra’s comics are often simple in design, but they are very effective at conveying complex ideas. He often uses humor to make his points, but his comics can also be quite thought-provoking.

#6. Personal effects


#7. Mantis visit

#8. Two lives


#9. Race Time

#10. Brains


#11. Last stars

Dave Contra has an Instagram account where he posts “Existential Funny Absurd Comics“. Dave Contra has a large following on social media, with over 9,950 followers on Instagram. He has also been featured in publications such as The Washington Post and The A.V. Club. He is known for his unrelenting commitment to the realm of absurdity and never fails to captivate and amuse his audience with his unconventional and surreal themes. With each brushstroke, he transports viewers into a world where the laws of reality no longer apply and the absurd reigns supreme.

#12. Psychosis


#13. Sushi

#14. Ecosystem


#15. Bathroom

#16. Hot studs


#17. Strange recurring dream

By subverting expectations and embracing the bizarre, he takes us on a journey that challenges our perceptions and tickles our funny bones. His ability to seamlessly weave the most unlikely elements into a coherent and intriguing narrative is a testament to his artistic prowess. With every creation, Dave Contra not only showcases his talent but also reminds us of the joy and wonder that can be found in the absurd, providing a unique and entertaining experience for his audience.

#18. City kids


#19. Cookies

#20. Soft serve machine


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