20 Dark Dystopia Comics Full of Weird Situations and Dark Jokes


Dark Dystopia Comics is among the most interesting and captivating artists on Instagram, an online platform that has allowed artists to present their work to a larger audience. It was created by Andrés Londoño, a cartoonist and illustrator from Colombia who previously made dark humor comics under the name Dark Dystopia on his Facebook page. Although he has since stopped creating these comics, some of his earlier work is still available online.

There are about 54,000 people following him on Instagram. His comic strips have twisted ends, strange characters, ridiculous situations, and occasionally unpleasant humor. The artist has an exceptional capacity to take complex and often challenging ideas and turn them into something beautiful and interesting. The following section contains some of his best comics. Please feel free to browse the following area if you want to enjoy these comics.

Credit: Dark Dystopian Comics

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#1. Great day


#2. Send it

#3. Great day


#4. Order

#5. Little Nap


#6. Haircut

He is currently residing in Germany and works as a graphic designer in another artistic role. The artist is no longer making new comics. He was always fond of telling stories through drawings, and web comics on the internet gave him a new platform to do it. The artist genuinely enjoyed reading and watching a lot of popular web comics online, but he only started creating them because he loves drawing.

#7. Boring Class


#8. Hang up

#9. Tired


#10. Turn Around

#11. It’s Splash


#12. Extremely Carful

#13. Just a scratch


The artist always creates four-panel comics, which he posts on Instagram on a regular basis. He says the main reason to capture dark humor comics is that most people enjoy such comics. He usually visits the comment section and interacts with his fans in order to know what they mostly like. Then he changes his style according to that. We hope you all enjoy his comics. Feel free to visit here and here to see more comics of this type.

#14. Reality

#15. Some life advice


#16. Human Simulator

#17. Go get it


#18. Batman

#19. Hate myself


#20. Check this out

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