20 Comics Full of Surprising Situations and Jokes by Danby Draws

It is sometimes important to take a break from your normal routine and rest with some lighthearted reading. We present to you the entertaining, calming, and interesting illustrations by Southern Californian Daniel Murrell to assist you with this important task. Danby Draws Comics is a web comic series that began in 2020. The comic book mostly focuses on life, family, gaming, and obsessed culture, according to the creator.

His goal is to make readers smile. Therefore, he uses real-life situations and unexpected twists to make his comics more interesting. With a strong social media following of 18,000 followers, his Instagram account acts as a place for joy and positivity-spreading in addition to art sharing. At first, new comics were posted on his Instagram account every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But he has not posted illustrations in a while due to his busy life and personal issues.

Credit: Danby Draws

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But the sad news is that the artist is no longer making new content. But we have collected some of the best comics for you from his earlier posts. You can also see some of his earlier posts on Bored Comics, as we have published his content many times before. For this, you have to simply visit here and here.

#1. Missing Earth

#2. Look Like My Father

#3. That’s Impressive


#4. Temperature Ratings

#5. Full Moon Lover

#6. Brush With Danger


Since he was a young child, he has just enjoyed reading comics. He has also been drawing for a very long time. Before the pandemic, he would simply post comics with friends, but he began sharing them on social media. They improved gradually with practice and some comments. The popular artists of the day would be his primary source of inspiration. The comic’s mission is to create lovely comics that bring joy to readers.

#7. Grant You One Wish

#8. Natural Causes

#9. Number One Rule


#10. The Devil

He says he has loved reading comic books since he was a small child. The artist also has a lengthy history of drawing. He used to simply share jokes with companions before posting, then he started posting them on social media. He claims that making comics is all about trying to make people happy. The artist always makes comics based on the four-panel format.

#11. The Devil You Know

#12. Summer Breeze


#13. Patch Notes

#14. Robotic Uprising

#15. Hell’s Kitchen


Although Daniel has received mostly positive feedback on his work, he has also received some negative remarks. On the other hand, he has received a lot of encouraging remarks from Internet users. He sincerely thanks all of his supporters. Negative remarks are occasionally directed toward him, but it is preferable to ignore them. If this content brings a smile to your face, then it is worth our effort.

#16. Algorithm Heaven

#17. Hand To Hand Combat

#18. Early Bird


#19. Draw an elephant

#20. Got a paper clip

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