20 Times a Female Artist Dami Lee Creates Relatable Comics Based on Hilarious Jokes

We’re back today with more comics from famous female creator Dami Lee. She is a South Korean illustrator and cartoonist. She is well-known for her amusing and realistic cartoons, which regularly focus on issues of relationships, personality, and daily mistakes. Her comics are typically four panels long. She is unique among creators because of her sense of humor. The artist’s main objective when making these comics is to have humor that makes people laugh.

Her comics stand out due to their easy-to-understand, expressive artwork that uses a limited color scheme to create funny stories. Her characters are usually portrayed with large, expressive mouths and eyes, helping them express their emotions and ideas. By looking at her 331,000 real Instagram followers, she complete the goal to smile others. The section that follows has some of her greatest comics. With these comics, we hope to brighten your day a little bit.

Credit: Dami Lee

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#1. art is so powerful

#2. Cat calling across the centuries

#3. Worst Fear


#4. Look at wacky thing

#5. Playing Music

#6. Party


She is a talented cartoonist and illustrator who has come up with work that is amusing and entertaining. Her comics are usually made up of clear, focused stories that, in beautifully unexpected ways, portray everyday happenings, emotions, and experiences. Her writing has been published in publications like The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and The New Yorker. 

#7. A whirlwind romance comes to an end

#8. Halloween

#9. Best Costume


#10. Get that Scar

#11. extremely scary times

#12. when you wanna give a place a second chance but they’re not having it


#13. Ideal Body

#14. Watching a Movie

Dami Lee’s unique style appeals to viewers, making her a well-known and beloved artist on Instagram and elsewhere. In her comics, she primarily portrays herself as the main character. I hope you like her comics. Please share this blog and leave a comment if you enjoy her comics. Click here and here to experience even more fun.

#15. Dining alone


#16. Save Money

#17. looking scary and unapproachable

#18. food photography tip from me to you


#19. What you eat

#20. The advice still stands

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