20 Daily Ariel Comics Based on Struggles and Joys in Everyday Life

Today’s topic is a female cartoonist who draws cartoons inspired by her daily experiences. The artist’s good name is Ariel Bordeaux. The artist is best known for her Instagram account, Daily Ariel. She creates comics focusing on a variety of subjects, including relationships, motherhood, everyday life, emotion, identity, and food. The artist self-published this comic series following her graduation from Boston’s Museum School.


She is an artist from Mexico. Her comics feature the artist herself as a main character with a pointy and honest personality. She has 25,400 followers on Instagram. Her comics provide a lighthearted look at common events, from overcoming sleep difficulties to understanding interactions with others. Her finest comics are included in the section below. We guarantee that her comics can make your day better.

Credit: Daily Ariel

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#1. Who are you?


#2. Mexican Party


#3. Just tell me now

#4. Games


#5. Sun Screen

#6. Super Awesome


She’s twenty-eight years old. After moving to Mexico in 2014, she began posting illustrations on Instagram to keep her friends and family back in Singapore updated on her new life. But after persevering and working hard, she gains popularity and keeps making comics with bizarre topics for her devoted followers to enjoy. She keeps doing this, and her comics are famous now.

#7. Still Believe

#8. Aliens


#9. Birthday

#10. Favorite


#11. Valentine’s Day

#12. Really Crowded


#13. What a Night

She is a creative person with an ideal sense of humor. The artist typically does self-portraits in comics. Her comics are the ideal way to relax, and an important part of her act consists of lighthearted humor. If you find her comics amusing, then do not forget to share them with others. So that they can also enjoy her comics and promote this artist. Have a great time.

#14. Ready to order


#15. Good Promo

#16. Usually Think


#17. Eliminate me

#18. What happened?


#19. Fell

#20. Old Glasses


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