20 Times This Cartoonist Captures Random Situations Just in One Panel Comics

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In the vast universe of webcomics, one artist stands out for his unique take on the unpredictable nature of life. Meet Ted Blackman, the creative mind behind “Crotchety Comics,” a webcomic series that delights audiences with its single-panel humor and clever exploration of random situations. “Crotchety Comics” is a testament to Ted Blackman’s artistic brilliance and his keen ability to find humor in the ordinary. With a delightful fusion of wit and simplicity, his single-panel comics offer a refreshing escape into a world where the unexpected becomes the norm.


Each comic showcases a random situation, capturing the essence of life’s quirks and oddities in a single frame. From mundane encounters to bizarre occurrences, Ted’s comics resonate with readers by celebrating the charming randomness that colors our daily lives. The beauty of “Crotchety Comics” lies in their brevity and succinct storytelling. In a single glance, Ted manages to encapsulate an entire scenario, presenting it with a clever twist or a well-timed punchline.

Through minimalist yet expressive illustrations, he evokes a range of emotions and sparks laughter with his relatable and witty humor for 9,220 fans. Whether it’s a mischievous pet, an amusing encounter with an animal, or a comical twist in a routine task, “Crotchety Comics” showcases the beauty of embracing life’s randomness. Ted’s comics invite us to view the world through a lens of humor and lightheartedness, making even the most ordinary situations feel extraordinary. Allow the charm of random humor to enchant you and embrace life’s delightful quirkiness through the captivating world of “Crotchety Comics.”

Credit: Crotchety Comics

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#1. Look Mommy!

image 1803

#2. Breakfast

image 1804

#3. Hell

image 1805

#4. Weekend

image 1806

#5. Wanted

image 1809

#6. Hurry up

image 1810

#7. Hibernation snooze!

image 1811

#8. Not in the mood

image 1812

#9. Hurry up!

image 1813

#10. Still not done

image 1815

#11. Nail

image 1816

#12. Plan

image 1818

#13. Bunk

image 1819

#14. Hell

image 1820

#15. Waiting

image 1825

#16. Clowning

image 1823

#17. Food

image 1824

#18. Skateboarding

image 1827

#19. Tall

image 1808

#20. Listen

image 1807

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