20 Crispin Wood Comics Based on Surprising Twists and Unexpected Endings

We have seen that most people enjoy comics based on surprising twists and unexpected endings. This is due to the fact that twists keep readers thinking and interested. People feel a need to see the next person in order to know what occurs next because of surprising twists and unexpected endings. Because readers expect the unexpected, artists use unexpected twists in the comics that challenge expectations and keep the reader interested.


This is what an Instagram account named Crispin Wood draws for his audience. He is best known for her web comic series titled Small Blue Yonder. He was born in Boston and grew up in Lexington. The artist has lived in the Boston area for all of his adult life. The artist’s comics are always amusing to his fans. That’s why they’re popular. If you also want to enjoy them, then you must scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Crispin Wood

For more Info: Instagram

#1. Brand New


#2. Yell At You


#3. Miss The Old Days

#4. Wildest Dreams


#5. Physical Comedy

#6. Different Positions


When he was a little child, he began creating comics. He used to create comic publications containing comics that were hand-made. When he should have been playing outside and finishing his homework, he spent time drawing with friends. He has always loved the standard daily comic strip format and keeps sketchbooks full of random two-, three-, or four-panel comics.

#7. Clapping

#8. Get Set


#9. Welcome

#10. What’s Wrong?


#11. Just an Expression

#12. Medium Sized


#13. New day

#14. Hilarious


#15. Current Day

When he started Small Blue Yonder in 2013, the idea was to make this comic series so much more popular. At first, he thinks it is impossible to do so. But with continuous struggle, he is able to achieve it. His comics are mostly seen on his website. But he is not able to gather a large audience on his Instagram account. So, share this artist’s comics with others in order to achieve his goal. We hope you have a better day.

#16. Good Costume


#17. Love it

#18. Rent is Due


#19. Non Refundable

#20. Back Seat


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