20 Ridiculous Comics Full of Unexpected Twists by Comic of the Apes

Humor is a universal and cherished aspect of the human experience. It serves as a powerful force that transcends language and cultural barriers, connecting people from all walks of life. At its core, humor is about finding joy and laughter in the unexpected, the absurd, or the relatable. It can serve as a coping mechanism, helping us navigate life’s challenges with a lighter heart. Humor often provides a unique perspective on the world, encouraging us to see the irony, playfulness, and wit in everyday situations.

One of the most delightful forms of humor comes in the form of comics. These visual narratives have a unique capacity to deliver humor in bite-sized, easily digestible portions. Ridiculous comics full of unexpected twists by Comic of the Apes exemplify this art form brilliantly. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: Comic of the Apes

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#1. The Will

#2. Attention

#3. Next Generation

#4. Domesticated

#5. The Mind Body Problem

#6. Life’s a Beach

Comic of the Apes is an Instagram account that posts funny and relatable comics about apes and monkeys. The comics are often drawn in a minimalist style, but they are full of personality and humor. The comics often deal with everyday topics such as relationships, work, and social media. However, they always have an ape or monkey twist. For example, one comic shows two apes sitting on a couch, watching TV. The caption reads, “Me and my girlfriend are just chilling, watching the drama unfold on social media.”

#7. Bro

#8. Alligator!

#9. Jazz Defense

#10. Pigeons

#11. Exercise Routine

#12. Hell

#13. Lockdown

Another comic shows a monkey sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen. The caption reads, “I’m trying to focus on work, but my mind keeps wandering to all the fun things I could be doing instead.” His comics have resonated with a large audience on Instagram, where the account has over 2,355 followers. Although he has a small audience, his work speaks louder and is worth watching. People love the comics because they are funny, relatable, and well-drawn. Moreover, his comics also tap into our innate love for the absurd. They challenge our expectations and invite us to see the humor in the most unlikely places.

#14. Patience

#15. Save the Pig

#16. Future Man

#17. You Made History

#18. Robot Uprising

#19. Pumpkin Life

#20. Founder of Modern Thought

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