20 Strange Comics Full of Clever Punchlines and Jokes by Colms Comics

On our website, you mostly discover new and fresh comics because we usually display various authors with a variety of topics. While some online comics have been around for some time, fresh ones are always starting up with exciting and unexplored concepts. Colms Comics is a long-running comic book series that is just that. The creator enjoys using dark humor, and his cartoons mostly have surprising, twisty endings.

Colm O’Hare is the creator of suspenseful, dark comics with unexpected conclusions. The artist holds a graphic design degree. His comics are therefore filled with creative schemes of color. He describes himself as just a man who has a pen, a dream, and an extremely weird sense of humor. He presently has 44,000 followers on Instagram. His comics will definitely make you laugh aloud since they are so engaging and have such unexpected conclusions.

Credit: Colms Comics

For more information, you can visit his social media platforms, which are Instagram, Facebook, and his website. You can also see some of his earlier articles on our website. For this, you have to click on the following links: Here And Here.

#1. What do you want to do?

#2. Trying to flirt

#3. Magician


#4. Back to the plan

#5. Give it a good shake

#6. Who wants to go first?


Since he was young, the artist has wanted to create his own comic series. However, he lacks the necessary skills to draw comics. Nevertheless, he persisted and finished his graphic design degree. He starts making comics after obtaining his degree, but he’s worried about what people will think. However, he received encouraging responses and keeps doing so.

#7. Valentine’s Day

#8. Taking down to the station

#9. Need to cover this up


#10. Sound of Rain

#11. Just Relax

#12. Do not see your family


#13. Hilarious

#14. Let Anxiety Take Over

His comics consist of four panels at all times. His comics are amazing since every panel contains a hidden meaning that always makes us laugh aloud. When we believe we understand the joke, a really witty twist that even makes us chuckle appears in the next panel. This sets his comics apart from those of other artists. If you also find his comics interesting, then do not forget to share them with your loved ones.

#15. Getting Naughty


#16. Eat your meat

#17. Ready for adventure

#18. Two Big Announcements


#19. Broke

#20. Going to use a hook

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