Here are 20 Colms Comics That Will Make You Laugh With Surprising Twists

There are many artists on Instagram who create the best comics in order to entertain their fans. Everyone has their own comic style. One of them is Colm O’Hare. The artist has a degree as a graphic designer. That’s why his comics are full of detailed color schemes. He is the artist who makes dark comics full of surprising endings. He is the owner of an Instagram account named Colms Comics.

The writer of these comics doesn’t say much about himself, but on his Instagram account, he calls himself simply a man with a pen, a dream, and a very quirky sense of humor. On Instagram, he currently has 44,000 followers. His comics are so entertaining and have such surprising ends that you will probably find yourself laughing out loud. Let’s enjoy these comics.

Credit: Colms Comics

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#1. Look Out

#2. Not Going

#3. Add fuel to the fire


#4. Feels His Fingers

#5. Confess

#6. Spotify


The artist has had a dream to make his own comic series since childhood. But he does not have knowledge about how to draw comics. But he did not give up and completed his degree in graphic design. After completing his degree, he starts to make comics and does not know what people will say. But he got positive feedback, and he continues to do so.

#7. Clear

#8. Childhood lullabies

#9. High expectation jump


#10. Favorite Song

#11. Any Concerns?

#12. The worst kind of torture


#13. Just shut down

#14. Jackpot

#15. Scorecard


His comics are always four panels long. The wonderful part about his comics is that each panel has a secret message that always makes us laugh openly. Just when we think we get the joke, the next panel contains a very witty twist that even makes us laugh. His comics are unique from those of other artists because of this. You can also enjoy his previous posts on our website by clicking here and here.

#16. Fountain of youth

#17. Parents

#18. No kids Allowed


#19. Get Naughty

#20. Finally

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