20 Clams on the Side Comics Based on Silly Jokes to Make You Giggle

Clams on the Side is a web comic series that was created by a New York-based cartoonist named Will Dudla. He is an experienced artist who has been continuously creating since 2017. His work revolves around themes of death, destruction, family life, and ever-lasting silly jokes. It is a web comic famous for its silly, absurd, and darkly funny take on life’s situations.


According to his bio, he enjoys spending time with his family and living life to the fullest when he’s not thinking about the end of this world or looking at a monitor. He is a talented artist whose main goal is to make his followers laugh, and he consistently succeeds in doing so. He has 19,200 Instagram followers as a result. Enjoy some of his best drawings, which will surely make you laugh out loud.

Credit: Clams on the Side

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#1. This Tastes awful

#2. Looks Weird


#3. You are late

#4. Nothing


#5. do you see?

#6. Dream Job


His comics will definitely make you laugh out loud because they are full of craziness and surprising endings. The artist expresses his genuine wish that these silly little interests of his will make you smile. He regularly checks the comment section in order to see what type of response he gets from the audience. He mostly gets positive feedback, which makes him happy.

#7. Influenced

#8. Not cool


#9. Promise

#10. Hilarious


#11. Reminder

#12. Daily


#13. Do not eat

#14. Illusory


#15. Motivation

He always creates four-panel comics. The artist says that he does not like to add so many punchlines to his drawings. That’s why you can see that her drawings are mostly based on visual humor. This is the main thing that keeps him distinguished from other artists. Hopefully, you enjoyed this blog. For more such interesting comics and articles, regularly visit our website.

#16. Trash


#17. Bookworm

#18. Beware


#19. Same Team

#20. Mind


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