20 Chon Stuff Comics Explores Surprising Situations to Make You Laugh

If you enjoy humor that revolves around unexpected events, you’re in the right spot since we’ve given you yet another selection of dark comics from Chon Stuff on Instagram. He is a South African cartoonist who currently resides in the United Kingdom. The artist is renowned for his huge collection of humorous comics and illustrations, many of which feature strange events. He consistently uses a four-panel format for his comics.


He started making comics as a hobby, but after receiving positive feedback, he became serious. His comics are highlighted by a dark sense of humor, and his artistic career goes back nearly four years. His friend suggested that he upload his drawings online after he showed them to his fellow students. Even though he believed it was a stupid idea, he made a few posts to find out what people thought. It turns out, people liked his comics, so he kept going.

Credit: Chon Stuff

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#1. Movies


#2. Working Now


#3. Men’s Room

#4. Girlfriend


#5. Grew Up

In simple terms, he began creating comics as a form of therapy for his sadness. His comics are mostly centered around dark comedy in a strange context. His following number is 2,499. Regarding his own comedy, he states, If he thinks it’s funny, he’s pretty sure at least one other person will laugh, and that’s a victory. His primary objective is to bring joy to others with his amazing comics. And he succeeds every time.

#6. Snow Storm


#7. Life

#8. Gaining Weight


#9. Making Tacos

#10. Buying Gifts


#11. Eating

#12. Spotify


#13. Intervention

The artist is well able to portray these situations in a lighthearted and realistic way. To gather feedback and create a community, he primarily answers questions, reacts to comments, and performs votes. Please let us know which of his comics you think is your favorite if you think they’re interesting. Remember to share and leave comments on this blog.

#14. Growing Up


#15. Grilling Burgers

#16. What Happened?


#17. Visiting

#18. Mini


#19. Pets

#20. Life with cat


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