20 Witty Comics Features Ridiculous Situations to Make Your Day Better




Humans are undeniably unique beings, distinctly different from robots in a multitude of ways. One of the most notable distinctions is our need for relaxation and the rejuvenation of our well-being. After a long day filled with challenges, stress, and various demands, humans require a release valve, a way to unwind and recharge their mental and emotional batteries. It’s during these moments of relaxation that the “relax hormones” kick in, contributing to a sense of calm and contentment.

In this pursuit of relaxation, comics emerge as a particularly effective and enjoyable avenue. Comics possess a remarkable ability to transport us to different worlds, inviting us to temporarily step away from the stresses of our daily lives. They provide a gateway to the kind of lightheartedness and amusement that are essential for our overall well-being. That’s why we bring you another good collection of ridiculous comics.

Credit: Cheddar Bacon Studios

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#1. Late Night Kitty Snuggles

#2. Dentists

#3. You have us

#4. Halloween Costume

#5. Indiana Jones

#6. Not This Year

Cheddar Bacon Studios is a comic series created by Jared, an artist known for his quirky sense of humor and sharp wit. He is the creator of the comic series “Broadsword” and other comics that exaggerate both the insanity and relatability of being an adult. His comics are known for their quirky sense of humor and sharp wit, and they often highlight the ridiculous situations and absurd consequences of everyday life. Although he does not have enough followers on Instagram, his comics are worth watching.

#7. Fall

#8. Beyond Repair

#9. Alpha Male

#10. People House

#11. Humidity Detector

#12. Feel Terrible!

#13. Where am I?

He grew up in a very small town in northern Missouri. He had a lot of brothers and sisters, which led to some pretty wild shenanigans. His family has always leaned towards the arts, so in college he pursued an arts degree and earned his bachelors in humanities. That’s when he decided to make the comic in college. His family and he always talked about writing down the crazy adventures they had as kids, and he thought doing these comics would be a great way to share these stories. That’s where his main sense of humor stems from as well.

#14. Turn into a prince

#15. Anxiety

#16. Cats are so gross

#17. Break The Ice

#18. Perfect Baby

#19. Great Shape

#20. Take The Trash Out

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