20 Cera Doodles About the Adventures of the Artist Herself and Her Friend

Best friends are something that is difficult to describe. Best friends can be very different from one another, even in opposition to one another, and are not limited by natural similarities. However, that’s typically what makes friendships so interesting. One may be quite talkative, while the other prefers to keep to themselves. While the other is short, one may be intelligent. Cera Doodles is the one who doodles every other day about her and her friends.

The well-known cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer does not reveal her name. This comic series’ creator calls herself a lazy artist. Her comics are largely about her and her companions’ journeys. They are mostly observed acting silly and having funny moments. She also creates clever and humorous comics that resonate with a wide audience by discussing her daily life, personal experiences, and friendship issues.

Credit: Cera Doodles

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You can better understand by visiting the section below to learn more about herself and her content:

#1. Can’t Tell

#2. Beats me

#3. Blind Date


#4. Comfort Zone

#5. Talking on the phone

#6. Let’s Check


This comic series is based on the everyday adventures and mishaps Cera and her friend encounter. This involves anything from funny encounters at the coffee shop to embarrassing moments at the park. Her comics are based on their adventures, which are a combination of lighthearted humor and heartwarming moments that showcase their friendship.

#7. Gaining Some Weight

#8. Hilarious

#9. Nice Editing


#10. Does anyone Notice?

Cera has the main character appearance that mostly find doing awkward things. Her comics alternate between Cera’s and her friend’s perspectives, offering a different take on the same experiences.  Her comics develop recurring themes or inside jokes that readers can enjoy catching over time.

#11. Good Hair day

#12. Please stop


#13. Memory Problems

#14. Before vs after shower

#15. Black Polish


The artist encourages reader interaction by responding to comments, taking suggestions for future adventures, or even holding polls for story decisions. She also shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of the creative process, which can help readers connect with Cera and appreciate the effort put into the comic. The most important thing is for Cera to have fun creating the adventures of herself and her friend and to share her passion with the world.

#16. Needles

#17. Constructing Worker

#18. Forever Ruined


#19. Left to see

#20. Super Smart

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