20 Times This Artist Shows What It Looks Like to Have a Cat

Catsu the Cat is a heartwarming webcomic managed by two talented artists and one cat. Her good name is Daria. They are based in Estonia, and their website offers adorable comics for cat lovers. The comics are created by Daria, yet editing, motivation, and support are provided by her boyfriend. They also do design and photography as freelancers, along with creating comics for their fans.


A few years ago, the webcomic Catsu was created out of the author’s obsession with creating cute comics with a single, charming character, a small, black cat with an interesting appearance. Afterward, she discovered that the term Catsu sounds like “cat” when spoken with a Japanese accent, and their comics began to gain increasing popularity. They currently have 19,000 Facebook fans and 36,400 Instagram followers. Their best comics are available for viewing in the next section.

Credit: Catsu the cat

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#1. Selfies with Cat are like


#2. So cute


#3. annoying humans

#4. Talking about drama


#5. morning views

They are based in a small European country named Estonia. Their cat provides them with motivation and inspiration. They consider her to be one of their very special cats, and you could even say they are a little bit crazy for cats. They consistently portray what owning a cat looks like. So that cat lovers or owners can relate to their comics.

#6. Hairs


#7. Can’t resist the cuteness of a kitty

#8. independence 


#9. So pretty

#10. Weird love


#11. Easter Bunnies

#12. Favorite Spot


#13. Parenting

They also have a weekly comic strip featuring their cat in various situations. Their comics are known for their humor and relatable themes. If you’re a cat lover looking for unique and high-quality cat-themed comics or simply enjoy a good laugh with their weekly comics, Catsu the Cat is definitely worth checking out. If you find this blog interesting, don’t forget to hit the share button.

#14. Extra effort


#15. Regeneration

#16. Go away


#17. Entertainment

#18. During sleep


#19. Good Night

#20. Cat food


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