By “Twist Wood Comics”, Here are the 20 Quirky Comics That make you Laugh out Loud

Many internet comics avoid challenging subjects. A tiny pun here, a cheesy sentence there, and that’s all there is to it. This is not to argue that there is anything wrong with the premise. There will undoubtedly be an audience for it. I just mean that Twist Wood stands out from its competitors, even though the series appeared to be similar at the beginning.

The creator of this webcomic series has made the decision to keep his identity a secret. Despite having approximately 186k fans, he is not as well known as other musicians. His comics are quite well-liked, and we barely ever go a day without seeing something he’s created in our feeds. If you haven’t seen a social media parody of it, we sincerely apologize, but we have to question if you actually have access to the internet.

The author does a fantastic job of keeping the story moving along and thinking of fresh ways for the main character to exhibit their best qualities. His comics are usually visually appealing thanks to his use of light colors. His best 20 illustrations are collected in the following section. See the strange comics that this incredible creator has created by scrolling down.

Credit: Twist Wood

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