By “Tut Comics”, Here are the 20 Hilarious Comics About Ancient lands and Endless Mysteries




Ancient Egypt in North Africa was one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in the region for more than 3,000 years. It left numerous monuments, documents, and works of art that are still being studied by scholars today. However, Egyptian civilization existed long before this time and has survived and thrived ever since. While rulers, language, script, climate, religion, and the frontiers of civilization have changed many times over the millennia, Egypt still exists as a modern country.

Have you ever imagined yourself living in Ancient Egypt? “Tut Comics” can demonstrate that with a humorous twist. The creators of this webcomic series depict ancient Egypt and its endless mysteries. Many modern themes are incorporated into the creator’s stories, making the comics very relatable. Tut Comics also teaches some interesting and little-known facts about Egyptian traditions, culture, and history.

This artist creates fun and entertaining illustrations of ancient Egyptian characters interacting with Gods such as Ra, Bastet, Anubis, and others. The characters share many adventures. He currently has audience of 131k fan on his Instagram account. Check out some of his amazing illustrations in the following section to better understand the entire scenario.

Credit: Tut Comics

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