By “Pierre Mortal”, Here are the 20 Hilarious Comics Full of Dark Humor

It can be difficult to pull off dark humor. It has always been regarded as a challenging genre. Maintaining fun is the hardest element of this particular genre. Because there is a thin line between being mildly amusing and being severely offensive. It is a fun method to talk about subjects that would be challenging to address directly. Dark comedy is when normally offensive topics and circumstances are used in a mocking manner.

Today, we’re here to introduce you to “Pierre Mortel,” a comic strip creator who is incredibly well-liked by the public. He is a native of the French countryside. Additionally, the artist is a master at telling stories. He struggles a little bit to draw pictures, though. He concentrated more on telling stories. He currently has an audience of 22,700 followers on his Instagram account.

This creator has a long history of producing comics. You then put a lot of effort into creating the character Sadboy. In his comic, Sad City, the artist has constructed a cosmos. The cosmos contains a peculiar location where fruit and ducks converse. This humorous comic will brighten your day. The part after that includes some of his best comics. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys these comics.

Credit: Pierre Mortel

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